CBSE Class 10 Information Technology 2022 Question Paper

7. _____ is an organization which provides you with access to the Internet via a dial-up or direct or wireless connection.

8. Name the software or hardware security device that analyzes the network traffic and determine if the traffic should be allowed or not.

9. _____ is the immediate assistance provided to the injured to save life and minimize health loss till the proper medical aid/facility is provided.

10. When primary key constraint is applied on one or more columns then it is known as _____ .

11. A row that represents a single data item in a table is known as _____ .

12. Explain the term Sorting.

13. Write any four rules which is to be followed for creating strong passwords.

14. What is the special name given to the discussion style site used by non-technical (or technical) users for creating personal web pages ? Give any two examples of websites that help us to create such discussion style sites for free.

15. Differentiate between LAN and WAN with two points only.

16. Explain any two types of relationship that can be created in tables. 

17. What is difference between Form and Reports ?

18. Identify any two Column name/Attribute and their data types from a given table : PLAYER.

Section - C

(Competency Based Questions)

19. Aryan is too much worried when he came to know that someone has withdrawn all money from his uncle’s bank account. He was not able to understand how this could happen when he has not given his ATM card to anyone.

(a) Suggest him a way by which he can be assured that he is doing secured online transaction.

(b) Which type of software he needs to install in his computer to protect his computer from malware ?

(c) Help him to understand about Phishing.

(d) He also thinks cookies are harmless. Explain him how cookies can also cause harm to him.

20. Due to pandemic everyone was bound to stay at home. But, due to internet the whole world was connected.

(a) What is meant by World Wide Web ? Also write any two web browsers names that you know.

(b) Explain how data is transferred over internet.

21. Consider the following table :

Write SQL Commands :

(a) To display the details of all students of Green House.

(b) To increase the marks by 5 whose ADMNO is 1005.

(c) To display the details of all students whose MARKS are less than 80.

(d) Display the list of all students in descending order of MARKS.