CBSE Class 10 Security 2022 Question Paper

7. What is the full form of the acronyms given below ? (a) NEPA (b) IB

8. Arms cover those troops which carry out actual operations. Mention any two arms of Indian Army.

9. What does input unit helps in a computer ?

10. What is a spam ?

11. What is a reef knot ?

12. What is Personnel Security ?

13. Mention any two primary duties of Indian Coast Guard.

14. How do we rename a particular file ? Explain.

15. Write any two points related to deleting e-mails.

16. What are the functions of blood ? Mention any two.

17. Mention about any two types of security services offered by the Private Security Agencies.

18. What is a control room ? Mention any one activity that takes place from a control room.

Section - C

(Competency Based Questions)

19. As the security officer of your organisation, you have been assigned the task to prepare a evacuation plan to be used in case of emergency, to rescue and evacuate the affected people. What will your plan include ?

20. You are a NCC Cadet and have undergone the training for first-aider. One day in middle of night your mother complains of crushing chest pain due to an angina attack. What first aid you would give to your mother ?

21. As a security guard you are on duty on the main entrance of a government office. So as a security guard what will you check in the ID Card of a visitor coming to the office to visit an officer ?